Client Success Story

“We brought Mitosis in to launch our new Storefront Cloud platform in the US, and they quickly engaged with our teams around the product, tailored our value proposition for the market, and created the right mix of GTM materials. Always encouraging Divante to take our efforts to the next level, Mitosis transformed our sales and marketing operations in ways that have served us well – not just in the US but also in our European HQ. Mitosis did not sugarcoat what they knew we needed to know and with our program launched and I’m grateful to keep them on as a strategic advisor.”

– Tom Karwatka, Founder & CEO at Storefront Cloud

About Storefront Cloud

Storefront Cloud is a fast and secure frontend-as-a-service

that powers Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), allowing eCommerce retailers to replace their frontend without making any backend changes. Storefront Cloud was created by Divante, an EU-based software development house that built Vue Storefront, which is the fastest-growing open-source framework for eCommerce PWAs.


Storefront Cloud officially debuted on November 1st, 2019 and,

when Mitosis teamed up with Divante in October of 2019, the company faced a confluence of several interesting challenges. Simultaneously, we needed to figure out how to:

  • Help Divante transform from an accomplished software development house to a SaaS product company
  • Monetize an open-source product and differentiate the enterprise offering from a marketing and sales perspective
  • Break into the US for the first time in the parent company’s 10-year history
  • Acquire US-based partners and clients willing to try a new product from an overseas company evangelizing an emerging technology


Mitosis teamed up with Divante in a variety of ways, including::

  • Go-to-Market Strategy: We created a go-to-market strategy that would allow us to assess the product’s viability in the US market while investing wisely and with the right timing.
  • Marketing Sales enablement: We refined Storefront Cloud’s core value proposition and marketing messages, produced high-end marketing materials & sales enablement materials (eg, lead magnets, product and partner pitches, product/technical sheets, new website), and developed new marketing programs to reach both US retailers and eCommerce-focused agency partners.
  • Sales & Partnerships: We developed a sales process tailored for the US market, launched a partner program (including building a pipeline of prospective partners), and signed/enabled those partners.
  • Revenue-Generation: We signed the initial cohort of agency channel partners and closed Divante’s initial paying end-customers in the US.
  • Client Success: We worked with the Storefront Cloud technical team to create a seamless partner and end-client client onboarding process

We achieved:

  • Built and executed outreach campaigns to connect with more than 200 prospective agency partners, qualified and nurtured relationships with a subset of those prospects, then signed and enabled the first cohort of agency partners.
  • Represented and evangelized Storefront Cloud at key industry events
  • Trained partners on everything they needed to know about Storefront Cloud sales, marketing, and product/technical capabilities
  • Helped initial partners go-to-market with initial customer prospects and signed Storefront Cloud’s first paying end-client in the US.
  • Grew partnership program to the point where it was sufficiently established to transfer ownership and further management to Divante, including handing off the pipeline of partners and qualified prospects, with the Mitosis team staying on in an advisory capacity