Sales Enablement

Let us help you close more deals by enabling your sales team to be more effective

Nothing is more frustrating to a sales team than burning through qualified leads and opportunities. Mitosis Consulting arms sales team members with the necessary coaching, process, technology, and content to improve their effectiveness so that they can win more deals.

Working closely with your sales team, we will improve the existing sales process, help build out additional content, and provide feedback loops. Our goal is to enable your sales team to deliver the right message (and content) at the right time based on where they are in their buyer’s journey, to the right buyer persona.

Results We’ve Helped Achieve With Sales Enablement

Piwik PRO

Marketing Technology (SaaS)

✓ MRR growth of 305% in 2015 and 77% in 2016.


Software Development (AdTech)

✓ 35% average growth in annual billings

The Four Pillars of Sales Enablement


To build a high-performance sales engine you need to align your people, process, technology, and content. Qualified leads and opportunities are extremely expensive to acquire, so let us help you stop burning through them. With each pillar operating at optimal capacity, you will able to squeeze out the maximum ROI out of each sales opportunity to help accelerate your revenue growth.


Our Sales Enablement Consulting Services Include:


Sales Coaching

Coaching your sales team to improve their skill sets and utilize the right processes, technology, and content to better qualify, nurture, and close deals.

Sales Process Development & Optimization

Defining each stage of the sales process and the criteria necessary to advance leads from one stage to another. Enhancing the discovery framework to help improve the chances of leads advancing to the next sales stage. We will also develop and optimize the flow of technical calls and product demos, and review existing proposals delivered to clients and offer ways to improve them in order to increase chances of winning deals over the competition.

CRM Setup & Optimization

Selecting and configuring the right sales CRM and additional sales tools, or improving the implementation of your existing systems.

Sales Operations & Reporting

Our team will help you define and keep track of your sales KPIs, which will be updated on a monthly basis and available to your management team via Google Data Studio, or another reporting tool of your choice.

Sales Content Creation

Helping create the necessary sales content library and map it to the buyer’s journey, with the goal of delivering the right content at the right time to the right buyer’s persona.

Let us help you win more deals with better sales enablement