Client Success Story

“It has been a great ride working with Mitosis Consulting over the past few years and watching our company grow with their help. Their team is very proactive and full of ideas which they’re eager to test, and has helped us dramatically change the way we approach sales and marketing strategy and execution.”

– Maciej Zawadzinski, Founder & CEO at Piwik PRO

About Piwik PRO

Founded in 2013,

Piwik PRO was to deliver an enterprise analytics platform built to meet the needs of data-sensitive organizations requiring full privacy compliance and 100% data ownership. Launching with only analytics, Piwik PRO soon began rolling out new components in 2016 to offer their clients an integrated marketing solution consisting of analytics, tag management, content personalization, and data management.


When Mitosis Consulting first joined the team in October 2014, the company was faced with several major challenges:


  1. Unrefined sales enablement– The company lacked the necessary technology, processes, and content to operate at a higher velocity.
  2. No dedicated marketing team– All marketing strategy and execution efforts were managed by the company founders.
  3. Lack of competitive intelligence– Very little insight into pricing and packaging, as well as the sales process of other enterprise analytics companies.
  4. Over-reliance on one main marketing channel– Over 90% of leads came from one strategic referral channel, which was unpredictable and made it difficult to scale the business.


To help overhaul the marketing and sales strategy, we: 


  • Developed and improved the sales process– The consulting engagement kicked off with developing and optimizing the sales process, as well as necessary content (product sheets, sales presentations, case studies, technical documents, etc.) that allowed sales reps to effectively qualify and develop new leads, move them along to product demos, present proposals, and sign contracts.
  • Performed competitive intelligence– A competitive-intelligence project was performed where we (disguised as a prospective client) met with a handful of key competitors to evaluate their pricing and packaging strategy as well as the sales process.
  • Launched demand-generation programs – We also began putting together in place a demand-generation strategy, including content development, social media, and paid-search strategies. To tie it all together, we also researched and integrated top marketing automation platform and sales CRMs to automate and streamline our demand-generation efforts.
  • Grew and trained the team– A recruiting effort was also launched to gradually hire and develop sales and marketing team members to gain the capabilities necessary to grow the pipeline and convert more leads into paying customers. We also developed a sales training program and playbook.


We Achieved:


  • MRR growth of 305% in year 1 and 77% in year 2, leading to a successful $2M Series A funding round.
  • Grew the monthly lead pipeline by 20x, coming primarily from a single channel to a diverse channel mix: paid, organic, referral, and direct.
  • Grew sales and marketing organizations from 3 salespeople in 2014 and 0 marketers, to a team of 9 salespeople in 4 regions and a marketing team of of 13.
  • Implemented Salesforce and Marketo, later replaced by Hubspot Marketing & Sales CRM.