Outbound Sales Acceleration

Our Team Books the Meetings While Your Sales Team Focuses On Closing the Deals

There is a big chance that you’ve experimented with outbound sales in the past, or have hired an outbound sales consultant that promised amazing results but failed to deliver. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t make unrealistic promises or operate black boxes.

Mitosis will work with your team to help build an outbound sales machine to predictably generate new leads and fuel business growth. We only work with companies that we’re confident we’re able to help and our outbound process is 100% transparent, providing you complete insight into every step in case you ever wish to bring it in-house.

Results We’ve Helped Achieve

Piwik PRO

Marketing Technology (SaaS)

✓ Grew the monthly lead volume by 20X


Software Development (AdTech)

✓ Grew the lead database to over 8,000 contacts

Outbound Sales Program Deliverables Include:


Bi-Weekly Strategy Call

We will meet with you bi-weekly to present campaign results, discuss strategy, review the quality of the leads we’ve handed off, and answer any questions that you may have.

Buyer Persona & Messaging Workshops

We will work with your team to create a comprehensive buyer persona(s) of your target audience, this will allow us to have a clear picture of who we’re targeting. Based on your buyer personas we will engineer a customized outreach process which consists of several email, social and phone touchpoints.

Sales Enablement Consulting

We will review your exisitng sales process and your entire content sales library and will offer advice on additional materials we will need in order to maximize sales effectiveness.

List Building

Mitosis will work with various data providers to build a target customer list.

Outreach & Campaign Management

Our team will run the outbound campaigns as an extension of your team. We will manage the email inboxes, answer questions and send follow-ups. We will continuously refine the messaging and targeting, as well as test new campaigns.

Warm Lead Handoffs

Once the leads agree to an introductory call our team will initiate the handoff to your sales team for further qualification and nurturing.


Campaign performance metrics and analysis will be delivered to your team.

See How We Can Help You Grow Your Customer Base Through Outbound Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have an existing outbound sales team? 
Many of our clients already have in-house outbound sales reps. In such engagements we work with you to accelerate the velocity of your exisitng outbound sales efforts. We will work closely with your sales team to create a market segmentation strategy (industry, company size, job titles, etc.) so that we’re not overlapping targets.