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Marketing Automation & Sales CRM Consulting & Implementaion Services

With loads of competition, good-quality leads have become very expensive to acquire. To maximize your marketing ROI and improve the chances of converting leads into paying customers, you need to build a well-oiled machine that creates alignment between your marketing and sales teams.

Mitosis helps companies maximize their marketing & sales effectiveness with marketing-automation and sales CRM strategy and implementation. Unlike most consultants who focus on just one part of the marketing and sales funnel, our experts will work as an extension of your team to help optimize top, middle, and bottom of the funnel and align your processes, technology, and team members. Popular solutions we help implement for our clients include:

Results We’ve Helped Achieve With Marketing & Sales Technology

Piwik PRO

Marketing Technology (SaaS)

✓ MRR growth of 305% in 2015 and 77% in 2016.


Software Development (AdTech)

✓ 35% average growth in annual billings

Our Marketing & Sales Technology Services Include:


Marketing and Sales Process Audit

Mitosis will audit your existing marketing and sales processes to establish clear definitions for all of the stages and qualification criteria for advancing the leads and opportunities down your funnel.

Technology Sourcing

Based on your unique strategy, our team will research, evaluate, and recommend the best possible marketing and sales technology stack.

CRM & Marketing Automation Implementation

We’ll configure and map all of the correct properties in the CRM including lifecycle stages, lead statuses, product/service options, lead sources, etc. We will also migrate (if applicable) your existing lead database.

Lead Scoring & Routing

We’ll put together and configure your initial lead-scoring strategy to help you automatically rank prospects to identify those that are most valuable and sales-ready and route them to your sales team.

Lead Nurturing Workflows

We’ll create automated workflows to help nurture your leads through a series of drip email campaigns and triggered emails.


We’ll provide a reporting framework to monitor the performance of your entire marketing and sales funnel and all active programs.

Training and Support

We’ll help train your team to utilize best practices for the new tools and processes we’ve implemented.

Let us help you close more deals with marketing & sales technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m already using a marketing and sales CRM system?
A lot of our clients already have existing solutions which need to be fully configured and optimized. In such scenarios, we will work with your existing technology stack.

What happens after we complete implementation and training? Will you still provide support?
Ongoing support packages are available for all clients who wish to retain our services after the initial implementation and training has concluded.

Which marketing and sales CRM systems do you typically work with?
We work with most popular marketing automation and CRM solutions, but most of our experience is with Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce. There is no one-size-fits-all scenario when it comes to marketing and sales technology, and we’ve had clients who have used Marketo with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud with Salesforce Pardot, and Hubspot Marketing with Hubspot Sales Hub. Unified marketing and sales stacks (such as Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Pardot) are generally easier to implement and manage, but are not always the right fit based on your strategy.

How long does the implementation process typically take?
In most cases we’re able to perform the initial setup and configuration in one month. The total length will vary depending on the whether or not we have to perform data migration from another CRM system, the number of marketing assets that need to be configured (number of forms, nurturing campaigns, workflows, etc), and the complexity of your sales process.