Content Marketing Program
Development & Management

Grow your lead database with our highly-targeted marketing programs.

Recruiting, training, and managing marketing team members to jumpstart inbound marketing, or increase the velocity of existing efforts, is very costly and time-consuming.

Our team of proven marketing professionals will work as an extension of your team to help you develop, launch and syndicate highly-targeted marketing programs designed to attract new sales-qualified leads and opportunities.

Quality is something we pride ourselves on, and you won’t have a single person working on your program who is a jack of all trades and master of none, but a team of highly-skilled specialists.

Results We’ve Helped Achieve With Marketing Programs

Piwik PRO

Marketing Technology (SaaS)

✓ MRR growth of 305% in 2015 and 77% in 2016.


Software Development (AdTech)

✓ 35% average growth in annual billings

Marketing Program Deliverables Include:


Buyer Persona Workshop

Mitosis will work with your company to create a comprehensive buyer persona(s) of your target audience.

Content Strategy Workshop

Mitosis will lead a brainstorming workshop to help generate key content topics we can tackle together. We’ll also review the inbound marketing strategy of your top competitors. At the end of this workshop, we will define offers that will most resonate with your buyer persona that we want to create over the next 3+ months.

Content Roadmap

A content roadmap will be prepared, which will break down the content by format, title, buyer’s journey stage, buyer persona we’ll be targeting, deadlines and team members.

Content Production

Mitosis will work with client’s subject matter experts, as well as in-house and external resources, to produce all of the content for the marketing program. Examples include blog posts, guides, infographics, and ebooks. All of the blog posts will be SEO optimized to help you rank higher on search engines and over time drive organic traffic to your website.

Marketing Assets Production

Mitosis will design all of the landing pages as well as advertising copy we’ll be using for paid search, display, and social media ads. We will also design all of the other marketing assets for the campaign (such as the whitepaper PDF).

Content Promotion

Mitosis will launch a series of prospecting and retargeting campaigns using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google AdWords to generate leads. These campaigns will be closely managed and continuously optimized to improve targeting in order to make sure we’re driving the right quality leads and over time are able to lower our cost-per-acquisition.


Marketing program metrics and analysis will be prepared and presented once per month to the client after the advertising campaign goes live.

Let us help you grow your business with inbound marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have an in-house marketing team?
Many of our clients already have an in-house marketing team and work with us to accelerate the velocity of their inbound marketing efforts. In such engagements we work as an extension of our clients’ teams and focus on developing unique inbound marketing programs that do not overlap with their existing efforts.

How will leads generated through the inbound marketing program be transferred to me?
All of the lead capture forms will be integrated with your existing marketing CRM. If you do not have a marketing CRM in place then this is something we can help you implement, to learn more visit our marketing & sales technology page.

How long will the content marketing program take to deliver 
It will take approximately 2 months to create the initial high quality lead magnet (such as an eBook), repurpose it into blog posts, and create all of the associated marketing materials (landing pages, advertisements, ebook PDFs, etc). As soon as we have the first offer ready, the advertising campaign will kick off to begin driving conversions.

How long does your typical client engagement last for?
Our minimum engagement length is 6 months, as this is the least amount of time you need to successfully develop, promote, and evaluate the initial results of an inbound marketing program. Most of our clients work with us for much longer than 6 months.