The Mitosis Story

We have decades of experience building and managing high-performance demand-generation programs.

Originally a sole proprietorship founded by Leo Sarian in 2014, the practice was incorporated in 2017 to become Mitosis Consulting. Our mission is to help B2B technology companies become market leaders in their respective industries by launching and growing new products, scaling existing products and entering new markets. We take on clients who have massive unrealized potential and gaps that we strongly believe we can fill and by filling those gaps we allow our clients to undergo rapid growth.


Our core values

  • Accountability – we work tirelessly to deliver on our commitments and accept responsibility for the outcomes that we generate.
  • Transparency – everything we do is an open book, both internally as well as with our clients. We communicate frequently, openly and with honesty.
  • Integrity – we never compromise our moral compass for financial gains and always do the right thing for the right reasons.
  • Proactivity – we take our own initiative by being the drivers of change and don’t wait to be encouraged to take action. We anticipate change and actively take the necessary steps to be prepared for the future.
  • Innovation – we actively work on improving ourselves, as well as products, processes, and ideas.
  • Experimentation – we move quickly to test new hypotheses and learn from our successes and failures. It is the process that fascinates us, not the significance of the end result.